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The Human Potential for Healing


What is the potential for human healing?  Are we, as the most highly evolved species on earth prepared to lead the way into the next millennium, fully embracing our highest potential for self healing?  Can we let go of our limiting beliefs and bedraggled protocols and embrace with reverence the miracle of all miracles, the natural healing abilities each of us is born with?

It seems like we have always relied on others to do our healing for us.  We seek out specialist, healers, shamans, parents and friends, looking to them to show us the way, pick up our sick or injured body and nurse it back to health with tender loving care, or the latest medicine or treatment. We look to the health care system to give us medicine and knowledge of things we “need”, that our body apparently is missing. We try this vitamin, that medicine, this treatment, another diet, all the while ignoring what nature has so unbelievably already provided.  We have been so busy looking for answers outside of ourselves we have lost sight of our true abilities.  Partially, this is because we have no way of explaining much of what happens, and partially because we have embraced a world view that science and technology hold all the answers.  In no way do I wish to belittle the wonder of modern science and it’s offerings to health.  We now have more ways to ease your suffering and keep you alive than ever imagined. All of these advances have only added more tools to the tool bag.  We have yet to understand the miracle of healing.  Why does one person survive, while another passes on from the same illness? What really happens to allow a person’s body to not only survive cancer, but survive cancer treatment? 

To fully reach the potential for human healing we must first understand that consciousness is not material, and exerts its effects on healing through downward causation.  We must accept that the mind and the brain are not the same.  We must also acknowledge that there is an energetic nature to the human body that is absolutely integral to human health. We can then accept that healing does not happen on a purely physical level. As living beings we exist in many realms.  We are certainly of the physical world, as much as we accept the physical world as a state of reality.  We also exist as a form of energy, an energy being, a vibrating collection of neutrons, protons and electrons, with describable, mapable energy patterns that have been studied and understood for thousands of years.  A vast majority of the world’s people also believe in some type of deity, religion, or higher power, thus allowing for the understanding of humans as spiritual beings as well.  Each of these levels exists in overlapping, intertwined realities that do not follow the existing laws of classical physics.  You cannot affect one level, without affecting all others.   When treatment fails on one level, we must look to the other levels for the source of the problem. 


To understand the highest potential for human healing we must look both to the future, and to the past. To the future, to understand the application of the principles of Quantum Physics as it is applied to the science of Medicine, and to the past to find what we have lost, that connection between ourselves and our source. As technology and innovation became the foundation for our beliefs about healing, we shunned the more mystical thinking associated with our indigenous healers.  We dismissed the ceremony and the connection with nature or source as mere superstition, worthless remnants of a period of magical thinking, with no place in the science of medicine.  


For hundreds of years the prevailing theories of science were based on the rules of Newtonian physics. The law of cause and effect tells us there is a direct and measureable cause for each outcome, which can be observed and proven by science.  Truth is absolute and if you are getting conflicting answers, than you must not be adequately controlling for all the variables.  We need only design an appropriate study to find the answers for which we seek.  All of our science, research, and innovations are founded on this principal.  Quantum physics tells us that truth is relative and not absolute.  It is relative to the observer, and it is relative to the prevailing worldview.  Taken one step further and you have an outcome that is created by the observer’s beliefs.  The observer phenomenon seems incomprehensible unless you can accept that the law of cause and effect is not the only law that can be applied to an observable phenomenon.  We have long been aware of the observer effect only we called it the placebo affect. Science has been aware that if you believe you are taking something that will help you, you will often see results. We use the placebo affect in every scientific study, and control for its influence, and yet we have dismissed its potential benefits.  To harness the potential benefits we must simply choose our words wisely.  The simple act of communicating that we believe this treatment will help someone can influence the outcome.  We must always be aware of the power of our words and intentions. 


The most profound impact of Quantum physics on the science of medicine is through the concept of the ultimate potential, and the point of potential collapse. The ultimate potential assumes that every outcome is possible at any given time. At any given moment the outcome that presents is that one possible outcome that is not blocked by our beliefs. The universe is a source of pure potential. What directs and therefore limits this potential are factors (our beliefs, worldview, experiences and practices) that act to filter out all the potential outcomes except the one that presents.  Ultimately our entire life is the sum of millions of potentials collapsing into a continuous stream of outcomes, each one limited by the ones that came before.

Each time we make a shift in our perception, our assumptions of reality, we allow for a new direction in the stream of possible outcomes. 


Just imagine what could be possible if we could learn to harness the potential power of this stream of quantum collapse.  Is it possible, that as humans we can learn to change the filtering beliefs that create our health and healing potential?  Could spontaneous remissions, and miracle cures become the norm, rather that the exception?  Perhaps there will be no more need for expensive and injurious medical treatments. No need for doctors or diagnosis for healing would not rely on knowing the diagnosis.  No treatments would come from outside.  All healing would occur on the level of a person’s highest consciousness. We would seek only to get our limiting beliefs out of the way to allow a return to the natural state of the body--wellness.  Though this may seem like science fiction, we are already at a place where many people comprehend the infinite possibilities.  When we employ mind-body practices to aid in our healing, we are relying upon the potential affects that our consciousness imparts into the process of healing.

When you resist the unlimited possibilities, and continue to think this scenario is impossible, you would be limiting your potential quantum collapse.  This happens with or with out your understanding or participation. 

There are people who are learning to connect with their ultimate healing potential, and this has been happening since the dawn of time.  Every species on this planet participates in this dance between potential outcomes.  People the world over are learning the power of their thoughts and intentions to create the healing they desire.  For now we must be content to use our vast medical knowledge and tools to create better health, and a longer life.  Let us not lose sight of what is our birthright, our highest potential to heal ourselves from within.

A healer is someone who helps you expand the possible outcomes, to release some of the limiting belief patterns, and open to your highest potential for healing.

A healer helps you create a connection to your source.  You can then use intention and ceremony to release limiting thoughts, and create a vision of health that you believe on all levels is attainable.

From a spiritual perspective your soul is an eternal, divine entity that can never be harmed. What we perceive as our physical reality is really nothing more than an image in our brain.  Mary Baker Eddy said “Spiritual healing is the process of letting go of the distorted image of ourselves that has been created by our experiences and beliefs and seeing ourselves as our true self, or soul.  In our highest form we are perfect and fully healed.  Even seeing ourselves as the distorted, weakened image, we are still a beautiful expression of the divine universe in all its glory.  As we are now, so is the divine.  We are the divine expressing itself in every single moment”.

The fullest expression of a human being is to live in a balanced state of physical, emotional and spiritual health; to live a life of purpose and express our gifts to the fullest in the service of our earth and fellow mankind. This definition of health goes beyond the absence of disease and expresses the highest potential for human health.  Each of us has the power within us to reach this level of health.  We need only to raise our expectations, expel our limiting beliefs and create a new paradigm for healing.  This generation of humanity has seen the greatest shift in consciousness the world has ever known.  We have yet to apply this thinking fully to achieving optimal health, but as we do, we will change the standards of health for generations to come.  We are the seekers, the independent thinkers, the ones born for this task.  Let us each continue our individual journeys so that their collective expressions will reach the tipping point and the fullest potential for health can be reached the world over.


Exercise #1

How do you define optimal health?  

Take a few minutes  and imagine what it feels like to be in your best health.  

The following  character traits are associated with a long and healthy life.


List ways in which you can cultivate these qualities in your life.


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