Noël Radcliffe M.D. 

Patient appointments-
Dr Radcliffe is seeing patients at Edina Sports Health and Wellness.
6363 France Avenue South, Edina MN 55315
(952) 926-6489

Available for consultations on Holistic Medicine, Integrative Clinic development, Integrative health practices.

Transformational Healing Consultations-
You may schedule your own personal healing consultation with Dr. Radcliffe.  Transformational Healing consultations are designed to assess your health on many levels, and provide guidance and education to assist you in reaching your optimal state of health.

Included in initial consultation: 
Review of health record form ( which will be sent to you),
60 minute initial consultation
Follow up 30 minute consultation
Summary assessment and plan, printable version.

Follow up appointments are for 30 minute intervals.

Consultations may be done by phone or skype.
Consultations are not to take the place of your primary care.  Insurance is not accepted.  You will be given a summary page with diagnosis codes that can be used with health savings accounts or for tax purposes. Some people may be able to turn these in for insurance coverage.

Speaking engagements- Dr Radcliffe is available for your next event.  A dynamic and moving speaker, her presentations have been deemed nothing short of "inspiring".
Use contact form for more information.

Current Talks Available--

"Wild Women Don't Get the Blues" 
A look at the holistic treatment of depression and anxiety in women.

"Transformation and Healing Through Forgiveness"
Understanding forgiveness as a path to a healthier life.

"Depression as a Gift"
How do we move beyond our stories and learn to live a life without depression?

"The Seven Laws of Spiritual Healing"
A closer look at the spiritual nature of humanity and the relationships to healing

"Change Your Mind/Change Your Health"
Understand how the power of positive thinking can be use to achieve optimal health.


Contact Information

Noel Radcliffe MD

Transformational Healing Consultations

Speaking Engagements


Please use the following form if you wish to be contacted to schedule a healing consultation, or contact Dr Radcliffe for speaking engagements. 

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