Noël Radcliffe M.D. 

Transformational Healing

What is transformational healing? 

Transformational healing occurs when you are willing to look at every aspect of your life and make changes that bring about a profound healing experience.  This is the journey to inner peace, and to optimum health. It is healing on all levels; physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.  It is enlightenment.  It is oneness consciousness.    It is perfect balance of our body mind and spirit.  Transformational healing is nothing short of a miracle, yet it is something everyone can do.  This is something you do for yourself.  It cannot be done for you or to you.  Your journey is as unique as you are, but we can learn from each other along the way. 


Transformational healing is based on an understanding that in states of higher consciousness our energy is balanced, and our physical bodies are in a state of optimal health.  As you clear your mind of negativity, and open to the inner peace that comes with enlightenment, you rid your body of energy imbalances.  It is these imbalances that create disease.  (for more see The energetic model of healing)


Transformational healing is based in both the application of quantum physics to a medical paradigm, along with the understanding of ageless traditional healing practices.  When we understanding of the influence of subtle energy changes that accompanies states of higher consciousness we can utilize this knowledge to promote healing. When we induce deep relaxation we can allow for balance to return, and with it the energy our body needs for healing.  This will also facilitate the substantial shifts in worldview that are needed for sustained healing. 

Tools utilized in transformational healing—Everything.

Nutrition—anti inflammatory, Immune boosting

Supplements-naturopathic, aureyvedic, TCM

Energy healing modalities: Homeopathy Acupuncture, chiropractic, Qigong, Reiki

Body work

Exercise  including general fitness and mind body techniques.



Spiritual practices

Consciousness studies

Healthy Environments

Positive thinking


Art, music, poetry



Some integrative practitioners take a natural therapy and try to apply it in the western paradigm, losing site of the alchemy and inner healing properties, looking only to an external cure.  This is based on the underlying assumption of Newtonian physics as the underlying foundation for all science.  If we replace quantum physics as the foundation then energy medicine replaces our current biomedical model.  We now have a reference in which to understand the alchemy and natural healing qualities of alternative therapies.  This is a crucial shift in our understanding of healing that needs to occur. 








Healing systems

Aryuvedic, TCM, Naturopathy


Energy medicine/body work


Food as Medicine--Supplements


Nutrition/Exercise/Healthy habits


Cultivate Inner Wellness—Mind-Body Empowerment



Above pyramid is based on a wellness model.  Health is seen not merely as an absence of disease, but of thriving: living a purposeful life, full of energy and vigor, resilience, happiness and inner peace.  The foundation for this degree of health is what I call “Inner Wellness”.   Inner wellness is a state of being that a person can cultivate.  It is based on the understanding that our greatest strength is our power of choice.  It is our thoughts that create suffering, and our thoughts can promote disease.  By learning to choose your thoughts, you can create a state of balance and harmony.  Most of western society believes that happiness is dependant on external factors.  “If only I had more money—I would be happy”.  Wellness is seen the same way.  “If only I had a pill for my cholesterol, I will be healthy.  I see health as more dependant on your inner state of mind, than any external factors.  If we start with a positive attitude, and empowered viewpoint, and learn ways to increase our resiliency it will form a strong foundation upon which to build upon.  We can look at this like a road map to healing.  This is not to suggest that western allopathic medicine should be avoided, but rather to limit its use to where most appropriate.  Also, western medicine should be used in addition to other healing modalities.  In this pyramid each level builds upon the one below it, creating an overlapping and strengthening effect, similar to the staggering of bricks when building a wall.

 Once we recognize the energetic nature of the human body, and the interdependence and entanglement of all things we will understand the keys to inner transformation and healing.

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